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Cornwalls Top 3 Family-friendly Museums

Museums are excellent places to learn about the rich history of the land, its people, its arts and traditions, and everything about that makes it what it is. Consider it as one gigantic storybook where important objects that tell the story of how the land came to be are presented for everyone to appreciate. While visiting Cornwall on holiday and you are interested in learning more about Cornwalls rich history, then take the whole family to Cornwalls top 3 museums and be ready to take on a ride of discovery and adventure.

With some of the masterpieces of great Victorian artists, French Impressionists, and British greats, Falmouth Art Gallery is considered one of UKs well-loved family-oriented art galleries. With the works of maritime artists and surrealists beautifully combined with those of automata, childrens book illustrators, printmakers, and contemporary painters, the Falmouth Art Gallery is an excellent place to harness the artistic and creative potential of kids. It is well known for its very innovative arts programs that spans the entire lifespan from toddlers to the elderly. In fact, it has extensive art classes for everyone in the family, just perfect for your kids to start painting or for your teens to rekindle their passion for the arts. Consider Falmouth Art Gallery as the one place where everyone in your family can enjoy appreciating art itself and try to learn different form of visuals to add more colour to your lives.

As Cornwall is literally bathed by water on three sides, it has one of the British Isles richest maritime histories. What better way to understand boats and everything marine than taking your family to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth? From stories of the sea, the maritime vessels that ran its waters, and to Cornwalls rich maritime history, you will find many fascinating things not only about boats and marine vessels but, more importantly, about hoe Cornwall grew to become one of Britains most important ports. Here, your kids will definitely enjoy the many activities and workshops the museum has in store. Or, you can a whole family activity trail and rediscover why Britain was once considered the Lord and Master of the High Seas. If you have a teenager, then attending one of the talks and lectures as well as exhibitions and displays will surely pique their interest into British maritime nature.

Although small, Fowey Museum is nonetheless a great place to learn the rich maritime history of Cornwall. Just a stones throw from the best hotels and cottages in Fowey, this 15th century building provides an ambience that can literally transport your family through time to relive the rich maritime heritage of Fowey. From floor to ceiling, you can expect a treasure trove of relics, artefacts, and antiques that bespeak Foweys importance in the period of separation between the Roman Catholic Church in Continental Europe and the English Crown. Boat-building tools, including Garibaldis cape, are beautifully encased well-preserved for everyone to see.

There are other family-oriented museums and places of great educational value and family fun in Cornwall. Why not ask your favourite tour provider now for a fun-filled learning holiday in Cornwall?


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