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Holiday Accommodation For Budget Travellers In And Around St Agnes In Cornwall

Surfers, tourists, and backpackers from all over the British Isles come to St. Agnes to enjoy a day or two at its famed beaches. This quaint coastal village is also well-known for having one of the countrys highest standards of surfing. If surfing is not your thing, you can always try to visit some of the hamlets surrounding the village that still produce some of the regions finest candle carvings, delectable and sinfully delicious fudges, and truly artistic pottery. For a small fee, you can also try your hand at any of these crafts. And if, again, these are not your thing, you can always explore the other sites in St. Agnes.

Now, since you will be walking a lot and staying away from your accommodation, you dont really need an expensive place to stay. An affordable self-catering holiday cottage or cheap bed and breakfast accommodation should suffice. Anyway, youre here to enjoy the scenery and have fun; not to sleep.

Porthtowan Heights  If you are a surf-watcher or even a storm-watcher, then you better stay at the Porthtowan Heights. This B&B accommodation features excellent double picture windows for superb viewing of the St. Agnes coastline. Additionally, the room is marvellously suspended above the pounding surf. 

Penkerris  If you have a dog and you love gardens, the Penkerris is the place to stay. This double golden star-rated bed and breakfast accommodation provides comfortable rooms complete with modern facilities. It also provides easy access to St. Agnes glorious clifftop walks and three surfing beaches. This B&B also has some of Cornwalls finest self catering holiday accommodation.

St. Georges Country House  Located in Perranporth about 3 miles from St. Agnes, St. Geroges Country House provides excellent access to the 3-mile beaches of Perranporth and a great starting point for the regions famous clifftop walk from Perranporth to St. Agnes. St. Georges is an exclusive and well-appointed country house that boasts of its own picturesque grounds that overlooks the scenic beaches of the region. 

Wild Campion House  For a superb view of the blue waters of the Atlantic, the Wild Campion House is a favourite among budget travellers. Its not actually a bed and breakfast facility but with nearby eats, who needs breakfast when all you need is a comfortable place to rest your tired body after a day of surfing and exploring? 

The Yellow House  Another budget accommodation in St. Agnes is The Yellow House. They dont provide breakfast, however. But with a lot of pubs and restaurants nearby, who would complain? At the very least, you will have superb choices of the regions best dishes. 

Trevaunance Cottage Bed and Breakfast  Overlooking one of St. Agnes famous geologic landmarks, Trevaunance Cove, the Trevaunance Cottage Bed and Breakfast is ideal for backpackers and tourists on a budget who will still require spectacular views of the coastal village. All the rooms are dutifully appointed and are unusually large for a bed and breakfast accommodation.

There are other forms of budget accommodations in and around St. Agnes. Bed and breakfast accommodations nevertheless, provide the most practical way of enjoying ones stay in this scenic coastal village of Cornwall.


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