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How To Get A Voice That Put Everyone In Awe

Singing is all fun but when you want to do it professionally, you need to take it as a serious business. When you have the dreams of becoming a singer, you must realize the fact that there are thousands of other people with great voice and worldwide fans that you have to compete with. In order to stand against them and be recognized you need to become a polished singer. You have to practice several techniques and do many exercises in order get the voice that would impress not only your friends but a worldwide audience too. For this you have to follow some powerful tips to improve your singing voice.

The first technique is to find the range of your voice. For this exercise you will need to have an instrument. What you have to do is you have to match your voice with the note you play on your instrument. You can do this on a guitar too just any instrument that you can play with your hands. If you have a guitar, start from the very first string the bass E. Start matching your voice with the notes on this string and see if you can hit the low notes that are at the beginning frets of this string.

Move down to a new string every time you have played 5 frets on the first string. For example, play the bass E string open and then go on to five frets. After the fifth fret play the next string A in open. On the last e string, try to match your voice with the notes and keep going forward. As you go further the sound becomes more pitchy and you will have to put more pressure on your vocal cords. This will tell you the limit of your voice. You can always hit more high notes by practicing them more.

An amazing practice is to sing on your rooftop, in the park or any outdoor place. Your voice echoes when you sing inside your house and in rooms. This gives you an impression that you are singing loud when you are not actually singing loud. When you are outdoors, you will naturally start to sing loud because your voice is not echoing and you feel as if you are not making enough sound to make people hear you easily. Keep in mind not to sing so loud that you end up damaging your voice and throat.

Record your voice as much as you can. There are vibratos and wriggling notes that you can best judge when you hear your recorded voice. Were your vibratos spot on? Did you give your voice just as many waves as were needed at some part of the song? To judge this you should record your voice and use a software to play your voice at half the speed. From this you will get a clear idea of how exquisitely you nailed the part of the song you wanted to overcome. Lastly, sing in front of the people who can also sing themselves and be ready to take some strong criticism.


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