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Online Poker Faqs

If you still have not taken a shot at playing poker online, and still have questions you want answered before joining the multitude, here are some FAQs that just might be able to clear some things up for you.

1. Online poker what is it exactly?

Online poker is, well, poker except that you play it on the computer. You play poker exactly as you would in a real casino. It is a card game which involves making bets. The ranks and combinations of the cards that the players get determine who wins. You have to strategize, particularly because you do not know what cards your competitors have until the game ends.

You join a gambling site and download its poker software. One of the best is the BetOnline brand for US players, you can check out BetOnline Poker today here. You get to play with other real gamblers in a virtual poker room. The name of each player (or at least his screen name) appears on his seat at the poker table. It is exactly how you would play in a live casino except that you play it on your computer. You gamble placing your bets and losing or winning money. The site offers a variety of options by which you make payments or receive your winnings.

2. How safe is it?

Some people hesitate to play poker online because of the issue of security. You have to give out personal information, as well as certain bank details. Most online casinos, however, use excellent security software the same way that online banks do. People these days do not think twice about doing business online; they do banking, manage stocks, and go shopping online. And they do so because they feel safe. It is exactly the same with online poker.

3. How do you choose a legitimate site?

Most poker sites are legitimate. There are of course some sites which may not be aboveboard in their dealings. In the same manner that you choose the online stores that you make your purchases from, making sure that they are trustworthy and credible, you do the same with online poker sites.

Check out a site carefully before joining it. Do they have security measures? Do they have certification or seals from credible Internet groups? Are they Visa-verified? How long have they been in the business? Look for reviews what do people say about them? The answers you get to these question will indicate whether a site is trustworthy or not and will lay your fears to rest.

4. Is it legal to gamble online?

Online gambling is relatively new. You will not find a gambling website that is registered in the USA. On the other hand, there is no law either that says that online gambling is illegal. There are millions of Americans today who enjoy online gambling and they will probably continue to do so until such time that there are laws stipulating outright that it is illegal to play poker online.

5. How do I collect if I win?

When you sign up with an online poker website, you are given several options for paying and receiving money. This is usually through an intermediary or a bank account.

6. What do I do if something goes wrong?

Using the Internet for whatever purpose does not rule out kinks. Something may go wrong be it the website, the server, the computer itself, or some other thing. The same goes for playing poker online. However, poker sites have customer service to help you deal with any problem. Just contact them for assistance.

7. Can you cheat in online poker?

Yes, you can. But legitimate online gambling websites are ready for such eventuality. They have technologically advanced tracking systems which help them deal with people who conspire or cheat. If you play online poker and you think somebody is cheating, you can report the matter so the website can look into it.

Most gambling websites will have FAQ sheets to answer questions that players may have. Look into several sites so that you make a well-informed decision when you finally choose which poker site to join.


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