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The Benefits Of Using Bamboo Fibre

If you are looking for an attractive, light and soft fabric for your clothes, chances are you would default to cotton as your top choice. But regardless of how popular cotton is as a fabric, its important to note that it isnt the most sustainable option. You may want to consider other more environmentally friendly fibers. Indeed, an increasing number of designers are turning to bamboo fibre as their leading choice when it comes to eco-friendly fabric.

Whats Special About Bamboo Fibre?

A lot of people find it surprising that Bamboo fibre feels even softer compared to cotton. Its like comparing cashmere to wool. But aside from the luxurious feel of bamboo fibre, it comes with other amazing properties that make it an excellent choice as a clothing fabric. It is antibacterial, which means bacteria do not thrive well in this fabric. It doesnt get smelly even after leaving it for several days. Bamboo fibre also offers ultraviolet protection. Because of this, it can serve as an outstanding cover-up when you are heading outdoors.

Cotton has become very popular as a clothing fabric because it is very light on the skin. You may worry that using bamboo fabric might prove harmful, especially if you have allergy prone skin. However, it is worthy to note that bamboo fibre is anti-static, which means it can sit very well next to your skin. Whats more, bamboo fabric can absorb moisture, allowing you to stay dry throughout the day.

The Environmental Benefits Of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric doesnt only offer benefits to the end consumer. Many designers and manufacturers have been exclaiming their delight regarding the environmental benefits of switching to bamboo fibre, bamboo fibre socks are increasingly popular. Bamboo, which is botanically categorized as a type of grass, grows extremely fast. This can amount to significantly greater yield compared to cotton. Bamboo thrives naturally even without using pesticides and other harmful chemicals. In addition, rain water is enough to allow bamboo to grow. All of these properties make bamboo a more sustainable option compared to other popular fabrics on the market.

You might think that bamboo fibre comes at a high price tag considering all these advantages. But you might be surprised that it costs less compared to silk and cashmere. You surely wouldnt be putting a dent in your pocket by switching to bamboo fabric. It pays to learn about all these benefits so you can help promote the use of bamboo fibre and minimize damage to the environment at the same time.


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