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Top 10 Luxury Family Accommodations In Newquay

There are plenty of accommodations in Newquay for all types of people and budgets. There are those that cater mostly to budget-conscious tourists and guests. There are also accommodations that cater mostly to surfers as Newquay is known as the UKs surfing capital. For the ultimate in Newquay accommodation however, you can check out these 10 truly luxurious and world-class hotels this side of the British Isles.

Atlantic Hotel - Boasting of an eclectic mix of the old and the new, the Atlantic Hotel is largely considered as Newquays true hidden gems. With every room providing a superb view of the Cornish coastline, this is something that all travellers would definitely would want to experience.

Best Western Hotel Bristol - Overlooking the beaches of Tolcarne atop a massive rock cliff, the Hotel Bristol provides one of the best views of the open seas off the coast of Newquay. With an enviable reputation of unparalleled hospitality and superb food, the Hotel Bristol carries on its tradition of excellence which started in the late 1920s.

Best Western Porth Veor Manor Hotel - Providing direct access to the sandy beaches of Porth, Best Westerns Porth Veor Manor Hotel is a tranquil haven nestled in a 19th century manor.

Esplanade Hotel - Facing Newquays famous Fistral Beach is Esplanade Hotel. This modern hotel boasts of a wide selection of rooms for a variety of hotel guests from individuals to groups to families. With the Quicksilver Surf School attached to the hotel, guests can take surfing lessons at a discounted rate.

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa - What makes Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa really famous? For starts, it is right in front of Newquays most famous beach, the Fistral. Its contemporary styling with coastal chic interiors should appeal more to the younger generation. Each room speaks of modern elegance and come complete with the latest in home technologies.

Headland Hotel and Spa - Like a palace sitting atop a hill overlooking the blue waters of the Newquay Bay, the Headland Hotel and Spa boasts of 96 well-appointed rooms that are nothing less than luxurious.

Hotel Victoria - Perched atop the cliffs overlooking the Great Western Beach of Newquay, Hotel Victoria is home to two of Newquays most famous restaurants La Rochelle and Señor Dicks. Hotel Victoria provides a sweeping view of the Atlantic and should be an excellent choice for those who can draw inspiration from such scenery.

Rocklands Newquay - this self-contained block of luxury holiday apartments sits atop a cliff overlooking Tolcarne Beach with sea views along the Cornish coast. The self catering apartments in Newquay offer the convenience and comfort of laid-back luxury holiday.

Trebarwith Hotel - Built primarily for the modern family, the Trebarwith Hotel offers guests luxurious bedrooms and family suites to make for an excellent stay in Newquay. It has a games room and cinema to let entire families to have fun away from Newquays beaches which are, technically, a matter of minutes away.

Whipsiderry Hotel - A family-run hotel overlooking Porth Beach and bay, Whipsiderry Hotel may only have 20 bedrooms but they get fully-booked easily for its attractive bar and the stunning view of the Cornish coastline.

If you really want to have the best vacation in Newquay, you simply have to book a room in any one of these hotels. You will simply love it.

Understanding The Vocal Types And Range For Male Artists

Any upcoming artist should determine his singing voice because it guides him on his working or singing range. Identifying your voice types will assist you to determine the kind of songs you can sing with comfort and set your limits. This article pays close attention to 4 vocal types of male artists. You may have a look here if you wish to broaden your knowledge on other vocal ranges.

The Countertenor Vocal Type

There are four main vocal types for men. These include the countertenor voices, baritone voice, bass, and tenor. I am sure most people only know the last three categories and the first one may appear to be unfamiliar. The countertenor voice in men is similar to the contralto voice in women which is the lowest type of voice in female. This voice falls roughly from the G note that is below the middle C (G3), to the high F which is one octave higher that the middle C (F5). Tessitura is the most comfortable range of singing for the countertenor. The range lies above the tenor voice and other male adult voices. Countertenors can comfortably sing the high head voice tones with great ease and brightness in the musical note. I find several people confusing this vocal range with regular female voices.

The Tenor Vocal type

The tenor voice is the highest vocal type in men, and most people are familiar with it. The typical tenor vocal range basically lies between the C which is one octave lower than the middle C (C3). It is also a single octave higher than the middle C or C5. Tenor can vocalize the head voice tones with a lot of strength and brightness and hit high notes with a lot of ease. The tenor vocal range shifts into the head voice right about the G or F sharp higher than the middle C (G4 or F4) by transitioning into the middle voice range just above the E or D music tone and above middle C (E4 or D4). The tenor tessitura lies between the baritone and countertenor vocal ranges.

The Baritone Vocal Type

Most male singers fall into this category as it is the most common male vocal form. You will find the baritone voice range between the A flat note which is one octave below the middle C (A flat 2, all the way to the A flat note that is above the middle C (A flat 4). The transition occurs within the middle voice anywhere near the A or B note just below the middle C (B3 or A3). It moves into the head voice somewhere between bass tessitura and tenor tessitura. This feature makes the baritone voice range be the strongest among all the middle range pitches.

The Bass vocal range

The bass voice is the lowest among all the male vocal forms. It is very rare to find a good base because it is in high demand in Capella group and choral singing. The voice has a dark booming and deep quality because it is the strongest in the lower voices. Its vocal range lies between the F note and a single octave just below the middle C (F2). It also extends to the E note right above the middle C (E4). The bass vocal range has a tessitura that is slightly lower than the Baritone. The bass would probably transition from the chest voice to the middle around the A flat and A note. It is right below the middle C (A flat 3 or A3). It then shifts to the head voice around the middle C (D flat 4) right below the D flat. I know you are now aware of the male singing vocal types, and you also understand where you fall.

Holiday Accommodation For Budget Travellers In And Around St Agnes In Cornwall

Surfers, tourists, and backpackers from all over the British Isles come to St. Agnes to enjoy a day or two at its famed beaches. This quaint coastal village is also well-known for having one of the countrys highest standards of surfing. If surfing is not your thing, you can always try to visit some of the hamlets surrounding the village that still produce some of the regions finest candle carvings, delectable and sinfully delicious fudges, and truly artistic pottery. For a small fee, you can also try your hand at any of these crafts. And if, again, these are not your thing, you can always explore the other sites in St. Agnes.

Now, since you will be walking a lot and staying away from your accommodation, you dont really need an expensive place to stay. An affordable self-catering holiday cottage or cheap bed and breakfast accommodation should suffice. Anyway, youre here to enjoy the scenery and have fun; not to sleep.

Porthtowan Heights  If you are a surf-watcher or even a storm-watcher, then you better stay at the Porthtowan Heights. This B&B accommodation features excellent double picture windows for superb viewing of the St. Agnes coastline. Additionally, the room is marvellously suspended above the pounding surf. 

Penkerris  If you have a dog and you love gardens, the Penkerris is the place to stay. This double golden star-rated bed and breakfast accommodation provides comfortable rooms complete with modern facilities. It also provides easy access to St. Agnes glorious clifftop walks and three surfing beaches. This B&B also has some of Cornwalls finest self catering holiday accommodation.

St. Georges Country House  Located in Perranporth about 3 miles from St. Agnes, St. Geroges Country House provides excellent access to the 3-mile beaches of Perranporth and a great starting point for the regions famous clifftop walk from Perranporth to St. Agnes. St. Georges is an exclusive and well-appointed country house that boasts of its own picturesque grounds that overlooks the scenic beaches of the region. 

Wild Campion House  For a superb view of the blue waters of the Atlantic, the Wild Campion House is a favourite among budget travellers. Its not actually a bed and breakfast facility but with nearby eats, who needs breakfast when all you need is a comfortable place to rest your tired body after a day of surfing and exploring? 

The Yellow House  Another budget accommodation in St. Agnes is The Yellow House. They dont provide breakfast, however. But with a lot of pubs and restaurants nearby, who would complain? At the very least, you will have superb choices of the regions best dishes. 

Trevaunance Cottage Bed and Breakfast  Overlooking one of St. Agnes famous geologic landmarks, Trevaunance Cove, the Trevaunance Cottage Bed and Breakfast is ideal for backpackers and tourists on a budget who will still require spectacular views of the coastal village. All the rooms are dutifully appointed and are unusually large for a bed and breakfast accommodation.

There are other forms of budget accommodations in and around St. Agnes. Bed and breakfast accommodations nevertheless, provide the most practical way of enjoying ones stay in this scenic coastal village of Cornwall.

Gorgeous Holiday Destinations In Cornwall

The hustle and bustle of city work and life can really stress you out. It is thus important to take a break and pamper yourself. The holidays are the best times to have long and quality vacation. With this in mind, you may think of far-flung exotic beaches, enjoying romantic moments in amazing ruins, killing time under the sun beside crystal-clear waters, or simply feast on fresh seafood. You dont have to go to the Caribbean though just to achieve this. Whether youre from the UK or not, you can definitely have a great time in many of the undeniably gorgeous holiday destinations in Cornwall.


There is always a feeling of contentment and a different kind of happiness in simple and small towns like Porthcurno. It is situated in a small and quiet valley that leads to a beautiful must-visit white beach. If youre from Lands End, it would take you only two and a half miles to reach the town. The white sand facing the emerald green seawater and the rock formations with lush greens and vibrant red flowers on top are perfect for that worry-free beach bumming. You wont have a hard time taking beautiful photos, which can serve as your reminder of the unforgettable experiences in Porthcurno.

Aside from the beach, you should also visit the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, which displays exhibits of tunnels that were used to protect the cable station that once served as intelligence hub during World War II. There is an entrance fee of £5 for kids and £8.50 for adults.

Porthcurno is located near Lands End in the far west of Cornwall. This stretch of coast between here and the Lizard peninsula, via Penzance, Praa Sands and Porthleven, is a great area for a holiday. Along the route there are numerous picturesque bays, tourist attractions, luxury hotels, quality cottages and holiday homes, and scenic campsites. It is perfect for a family holiday or vacation.

Rough Tor

Tor is a term used to refer to the rocky outcrops which jut out from the top of the hills. In the south-western part of England, one of the most prominent tors is Rough Tor, which boasts stone formations that are truly enigmatic. It is one of the twin peaks in Cornwall and is situated right next to Brown Willy, which is the countrys highest point. When heading to Rough Tor, you can also expect to see neolithic monuments, Bronze Age stone circles and Cornish moorlands. The place can be really magical but you have to check for fog warnings because you may get lost if there is heavy, low hanging cloud.

Nearby Wadebridge, Tintagel and Boscastle are the best places to stay to visit the tors on this side of Bodmin Moor. Accommodation options are plentiful, especially along the coast.

Trevose Head

There are many places in Cornwall with names that begin with Tre, which means homestead. From Trevose Head, you can have stunning panoramic views as you drive along Cornwalls north coast. In the middle of the green fields, youll notice as you drive by the quiet road a lighthouse that has been guiding seafarers since 1847. When on top of the Trevose Head Lighthouse, you can have a breathtaking view of Padstow and Newquay. Until today, the lighthouse beams light that can be seen from as far as 37 kilometres. The lighthouse overlooks the beautiful Constantine Bay, which is a curved bay of golden sand.

Constantine itself has a number of holiday homes and hotels, catering mainly for up-market visitors. There is a wider choice of holiday accommodation in nearby Padstow and Newquay.

Other great holiday destinations you can visit in Cornwall are St Ives, Fowey, Lands End, Polzeath, St Agnes, and Looe.

Cornish Wedding Locations And Accommodation

Visiting Cornwall and seeing all the wonderful sceneries will definitely inspire you to come back. Moreover, if you are planning your wedding, there are very few places that will be more breathtaking. Your wedding photographer will have to make sure they have enough time for a wonderful photo shoot with you and your partner for the most unforgettable wedding album.

In Cornwall, you can also decide to have your wedding at the beach, or over dramatic cliffs. There are various locations you can choose from, including the following.

1. Polraen Country House, Looe

This country house will have everything you need for your wedding. Parish churches can be found just down the hill, but you can also have the entire ceremony in the cottage. The beautiful conservatory is perfect for weddings with 40-80 guests, while the landscaped gardens will provide you with a wonderful backdrop for wedding photos.

There are also ready facilities for your such an event, like a bar, lounge, dining room and even a ready stage for the band. Your guests will have access to public transportation through train and bus, as well as enough parking space. 5 suites are also available for you and several of your wedding party. Lastly, not only do you have a choice between traditional Cornish food from local produce, you can also enjoy great service and support on the most important day of your life

2. Lantallack

This is a picturesque 40-acre wedding venue close to the Tamar Valley. Imagine your ceremony with the countryside, green valleys, and breathtaking sunsets as the backdrop. The venue can also accommodate events for up to 150 guests, and the ceremonies can be done under the Wisteria Walk or inside the beautiful Cart Barn. Avail of their 2-night wedding package that also provides the couple a luxury suite in a restored barn for a romantic honeymoon.

3. Carbis Bay Hotel

If you are looking for an award-winning venue for a beach wedding, Carbis Bay Hotel is the best choice for you. There are a few rooms you can choose for your event, able to accommodate between 10 and 150 guests. All of them overlook the ocean across their golden beach grounds. You can also have the event on the beach itself in the new Beach Club restaurant.

The bride and the groom get a complimentary room and the rest of the guests and bridal party can also book in the hotel. If you book the wedding package, you will also be assisted by our own wedding coordinator.

4. Pendennis Castle

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding location that also overlooks the coast, Pendennis Castle has many rooms to offer based on the number of guests. There is the Lower Gun Room where up to 100 guests can be accommodated, or at the Royal Artillery Barracks for up to 160 guests. The Castle Grounds can be used for marquee receptions, with the floodlit castle as your background.

Cornwall is perfect for a weekend wedding celebration and you have a great choice between hotels, cottages, country houses and even castles where you can plan for a unique and picturesque ceremony. If you want some privacy or a honeymoon retreat, there are thousands of romantic holiday cottages in Cornwall to choose from. You do not have to travel very far as well for your honeymoon, and your guests can also enjoy a nice weekend. So make your dream wedding come alive and choose Cornwall for the most important day of your life!

Beautify Your Garden Space

Have you run out of ideas on how to keep your garden looking fantastic? Don't worry, there are many ways to spruce up your outdoor space. Please consider some of our latest gardening products. We offer a wide selection of items that will give your garden a fresh new look. Whether you want to create a more eclectic look or just create a relaxing outdoor space, don't feel frustrated and out of ideas. Just look at our extensive collection of gardening products and create the garden of your dreams in no time at all. Gardening is hard work but with a little effort, your outdoor space will be beautiful in no time at all.

The first step is to pick a colour scheme. The colour scheme should be picked up by you within context of the bigger specimen that has already been established in your garden. You also think about height as well as various viewpoints. You need to decide whether you need to bring a bang to the garden. You need to plan wisely and get plants that not only fulfill the practical needs but also the ambitious dreams of your garden.

In case there is already a long-established garden, you may want just bulbs, some annuals as well as a few perennials to fill things a bit but you can have some real fun while choosing these plants. It's time for catalogues now such as bulb catalogues, seed catalogues as well as garden decor catalogues. You have already established your height and colour needs. You shouldn't be afraid to take risks as long as you stick to the already established parameters.

Wind Chimes:

There's nothing like the soothing sounds of a beautiful wind chime to give distinctive charm to your outdoor space. Our wind chimes cone in a variety of styles and materials. The classic aluminum wind chime is the most popular choice, as it produces a soft, soothing tones throughout the day and evening.

Vintage-Style Ivory or Sage Duck Decor:

Vintage style ivory or sage duck statues can add a classic look to your garden. These beautiful statues add a bit of colour and whimsy to your garden. These vintage statues have a weathered patina which will add a nostalgic touch to your garden. You can select just one your two duck statuettes, or buy multiples to decorate a small pond of a fountain. These charming ducks can be arranged to create a striking outdoor scene for your garden.

Barn Yard Birdhouse:

Your garden will be even more beautiful with the soothing sounds of singing birds! Hanging a barnyard birdhouse in nearby trees with access to a bird food and water will draw gorgeous avians to your backyard garden. These birdhouses are large enough for a small family of birds. They also add rustic charm and an old-fashioned feel to your garden.

Butterfly Garden Stakes:

Decorative garden stakes bring a splash of colour and style which can spruce up just about any garden. Imagine beautiful butterflies glittering in the sunlight, giving your garden just the right finishing touch. Butterfly garden stakes are easy to install. These decorative works of art come a shimmering red colour that catches the light and glimmers! Butterfly garden stakes look fantastic when arranged along walkways or within groupings of flowering plants - adding just the right burst of colour. View some nice quality garden stakes on