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Understanding The Vocal Types And Range For Male Artists

Any upcoming artist should determine his singing voice because it guides him on his working or singing range. Identifying your voice types will assist you to determine the kind of songs you can sing with comfort and set your limits. This article pays close attention to 4 vocal types of male artists. You may have a look here if you wish to broaden your knowledge on other vocal ranges.

The Countertenor Vocal Type

There are four main vocal types for men. These include the countertenor voices, baritone voice, bass, and tenor. I am sure most people only know the last three categories and the first one may appear to be unfamiliar. The countertenor voice in men is similar to the contralto voice in women which is the lowest type of voice in female. This voice falls roughly from the G note that is below the middle C (G3), to the high F which is one octave higher that the middle C (F5). Tessitura is the most comfortable range of singing for the countertenor. The range lies above the tenor voice and other male adult voices. Countertenors can comfortably sing the high head voice tones with great ease and brightness in the musical note. I find several people confusing this vocal range with regular female voices.

The Tenor Vocal type

The tenor voice is the highest vocal type in men, and most people are familiar with it. The typical tenor vocal range basically lies between the C which is one octave lower than the middle C (C3). It is also a single octave higher than the middle C or C5. Tenor can vocalize the head voice tones with a lot of strength and brightness and hit high notes with a lot of ease. The tenor vocal range shifts into the head voice right about the G or F sharp higher than the middle C (G4 or F4) by transitioning into the middle voice range just above the E or D music tone and above middle C (E4 or D4). The tenor tessitura lies between the baritone and countertenor vocal ranges.

The Baritone Vocal Type

Most male singers fall into this category as it is the most common male vocal form. You will find the baritone voice range between the A flat note which is one octave below the middle C (A flat 2, all the way to the A flat note that is above the middle C (A flat 4). The transition occurs within the middle voice anywhere near the A or B note just below the middle C (B3 or A3). It moves into the head voice somewhere between bass tessitura and tenor tessitura. This feature makes the baritone voice range be the strongest among all the middle range pitches.

The Bass vocal range

The bass voice is the lowest among all the male vocal forms. It is very rare to find a good base because it is in high demand in Capella group and choral singing. The voice has a dark booming and deep quality because it is the strongest in the lower voices. Its vocal range lies between the F note and a single octave just below the middle C (F2). It also extends to the E note right above the middle C (E4). The bass vocal range has a tessitura that is slightly lower than the Baritone. The bass would probably transition from the chest voice to the middle around the A flat and A note. It is right below the middle C (A flat 3 or A3). It then shifts to the head voice around the middle C (D flat 4) right below the D flat. I know you are now aware of the male singing vocal types, and you also understand where you fall.

Five Top Approaches To Learn To Play Piano

In case you are thinking about the best strategies for learning how to play the piano, here are some of the best techniques you can use. If you are looking for more information on how to play any musical instrument, you can find it here.

Learn the piano by using the piano ear

Some great pianists learn by ear and have no intentions of swaying away from this approach. This method serves as the easiest introduction to learning the piano. It should lead you to read sheet music which is an essential skill you need to possess as a pianist. These two approaches are seemingly inseparable. The truth of the matter is that a large section of the music relies on listening skills, and this makes music reading much easier.

Learn from Piano software lessons

The Piano software is unique equipment you can hook up to a MIDI digital piano or keyboard, and they provide feedback as you play. The software will alert you if you make a mistake so that you can correct. The feedback makes the software precious but not one hundred percent efficient. Some people argue that piano software is as effective as a music instructor, but their emotionless qualities make such comparison far-fetched. Using music software is a good way to learn to play the piano if you have a busy schedule, but you should not stop here. You need to have a teacher follow-up to the keyboard software lessons for you to play as a human and not a machine.

Learn From a music Instructor

Learning from an experienced music teacher is one of the best ways to get to play the piano. We can describe a teacher as a live database of highly trained skilled of all sorts. The most appropriate thing is to have at least one music teacher to direct you on how to play the piano. You need to get the best music teacher if you want to acquire the best skills. Its good to get a teacher who is a degree holder and performs regularly in different events. A degree holder is better placed to teach you on the basics of singing. Regular experience assures you that your teacher practices what she is teaching. A teacher who regularly plays the piano keeps on learning new techniques, and she passes such lessons to her students.

Learn from multimedia Videos and Books

Multimedia videos and books are very appropriate for individuals who reside in remote areas or keep unusual schedules. These resources are readily available on the internet at any time of the day. You can download some of these resources on your computer, and you can access other tools on the web. You will need an up to date computer system that has a DSL internet connection installation that can display streaming data that have no interruptions. There is nothing as bad as trying to learn from a video that keeps on playing and stopping.

Learn from Piano Lessons that are cord-based

This approach is one of the fastest ways you can use to play the piano. These methods provide a very quick access to what you could use several months to achieve. You need to understand that code-based classes will assist you to learn how to create accompaniment and not melodies.

Approaches To Taking Musical Instrument Lessons

Some individuals believe that music is natural and there is no need to attend singing classes. However, some people donât go far when they enroll for lessons to learn to play a music instrument. Most of those who donât succeed learn how to read music for their instrument instead of learning to play music. You can avoid some of these mistakes by visiting You need to be very careful with how your music teacher handles his lessons. Learning to play complex music is not an easy task. There are three primary approaches you can apply if you want to get to play musical instruments.

1.0 Learning to play an Instrument by ear

Most artists learn to play musical instruments by using the ear. It implies learning to sing a song by listening to the tunes. Most artists who canât read music use this learning approach. Most karaoke lovers donât read music but perform very complicated songs as if they are the original composers. Most successful musicians have an excellent musical ear. Several blind artists use this approach when learning to play music instruments.

2.0 Learning to play an Instrument by Reading Music

Being in a position to read musical notations is a critical skill. Reading music is the art of documenting musical notes and passing them over to other artists. Music reading is a technique that came with the age of recording music. It is not very hard to learn to read music for simple songs. The challenge is that most artists prefer to read and sing complicated songs. This approach is more challenging and allows you to learn. You will discover that most of the songs that you get to play by the ear have challenging and complex musical notations. Itâs good to learn to read music since you can write your piece of work.

3.0 Learning to Play an Instrument by understanding Music

Music theory is an approach that introduces musicians on how music works. All forms of music have their basis in some simple rules or building blocks of the industry. You can reduce all the songs to very few and simple formulas. It is very easy to learn music once you have a clear understanding of the rules and building blocks that govern the industry. It is the art of understanding how groups of notes produce sounds. It also encompasses learning modes and scales while playing the melody. We have a broad range of notes that produce varied sounds, and you need to know all of them. You also need to know the notes that you can combine for harmony and chords. Itâs advisable to know all these notes even if you are playing by ear.


The approach you take depends on the kind of music you are playing. For example, classical music flows very well with reading music. On the contrary, you need a lot of knowledge on the group on notes that produce the sound you are looking for and a good musical ear if you wish to play blues, jazz, and rock music. Learning to read and write music is a very critical skill, but you should not allow it to draw you back. You can use someone who understands how to read music to assist you in converting your hit into musical notation.

Hobbit Elf And Lord Of The Rings Costumes.

Dressing up for costume parties has always been a thrill for most people. Dressing as their favorite actors has never been easy especially if you want to look exactly as they look. The Lord of The Rings has made many too long to be various fandoms in the novel and movie. You can dress up in the hobbit elf costumes. These costumes are perfect for any Cosplay, Halloween, or Costume Parties. Ideally are authentic Lord of the Rings custom made costumes, to fit your size and measurements. Kids can choose wizards or an archer and adult can choose to spice up their costumes by making it a little bit sexy. The authentic Lord of The Rings costumes includes tunic gowns, belts, mask and hats. Footwear and faux weapon to complete the prop will include those soft boots.

Elves have been for a long time the favorite cosplays costumes among boys and girls, men and women. Grab your authentic hobbit elf costumes and bring wonders to your costume life. Elves are magical and mysterious creatures with magic in their hands. Most elves costumes include the cloak , a tunic or dress, and boots covers. Accessories like the pointed elf ears and wigs complete the look. You can get variety of authentic Hobbit Elf costumes from Buddy the elf to princess Arwen.

Dressing up like Tauriel from the Lord of the Rings will make you a wonderful girls elf costume. Her costume comprises of a flowing green gown with elf-like braids. You can choose to dress as the tragic princess Arwen in a authentic white and gold gown with silver leaf pendant in a kid elf costume or just the majestic gold and white dress for adults. One can add taste to the costumes by choosing from the sexy authentic Arwen Elf costume and adding crowns or jewelry befitting a queen.. The authentic elf costumes collection also has the sage Galadriel wear. This is a long white gown and leaflet head circle fitting. This authentic elf costumes will make a good queen of the forest. By adding accessories like the medieval jewelry tunic style and some pose and soft boots. Every hobbit elf should have a bow and arrow to complete the look.

If the hobbit is your fandom then you might consider dressing up in an authentic Hobbit Costume that is formed by a cloak, jacket vest and pants. You should also not forget to get a pair of furry hoot feet and a leaf cloak pin. Other hobbit costumes include a grey hat, long gray robes a belt and shoulder pouches.

How To Get A Voice That Put Everyone In Awe

Singing is all fun but when you want to do it professionally, you need to take it as a serious business. When you have the dreams of becoming a singer, you must realize the fact that there are thousands of other people with great voice and worldwide fans that you have to compete with. In order to stand against them and be recognized you need to become a polished singer. You have to practice several techniques and do many exercises in order get the voice that would impress not only your friends but a worldwide audience too. For this you have to follow some powerful tips to improve your singing voice.

The first technique is to find the range of your voice. For this exercise you will need to have an instrument. What you have to do is you have to match your voice with the note you play on your instrument. You can do this on a guitar too just any instrument that you can play with your hands. If you have a guitar, start from the very first string the bass E. Start matching your voice with the notes on this string and see if you can hit the low notes that are at the beginning frets of this string.

Move down to a new string every time you have played 5 frets on the first string. For example, play the bass E string open and then go on to five frets. After the fifth fret play the next string A in open. On the last e string, try to match your voice with the notes and keep going forward. As you go further the sound becomes more pitchy and you will have to put more pressure on your vocal cords. This will tell you the limit of your voice. You can always hit more high notes by practicing them more.

An amazing practice is to sing on your rooftop, in the park or any outdoor place. Your voice echoes when you sing inside your house and in rooms. This gives you an impression that you are singing loud when you are not actually singing loud. When you are outdoors, you will naturally start to sing loud because your voice is not echoing and you feel as if you are not making enough sound to make people hear you easily. Keep in mind not to sing so loud that you end up damaging your voice and throat.

Record your voice as much as you can. There are vibratos and wriggling notes that you can best judge when you hear your recorded voice. Were your vibratos spot on? Did you give your voice just as many waves as were needed at some part of the song? To judge this you should record your voice and use a software to play your voice at half the speed. From this you will get a clear idea of how exquisitely you nailed the part of the song you wanted to overcome. Lastly, sing in front of the people who can also sing themselves and be ready to take some strong criticism.

A Guide For Choosing A Great Online Tutorial.

I love piano because of the simplicities of the sounds it produces when playing simple melodies. It takes me back to my heart, my childhood, and also to my emotions and sense of fun. We used to sing along to many different types of children's songs with piano melodies and harmonies playing in the background. It's easy to have a desire to learn how to play this instrument. It's a very beautiful instrument that produces beautiful sounds.

The good news is, that nowadays, there are many different programs to choose from online that teach beginners how to play. There is a new piano tutorial for beginners, and there are programs for various levels of proficiency in the instrument. The most important thing is to choose the right piano tutorial to help guide you along your studies. Here are some tips to help you with making good decisions when learning this new instrument: Make sure you take a look at some easy piano tutorial that are proven to work.

1. How to Choose a New Piano Tutorial for Beginners Online

There are currently a lot of new programs for beginners. The first step is to do a general google search using the keywords "Beginners" "Piano" and "Tutorials". Next, you will find a variety of programs that you can choose from. Some of the programs that come up include: piano posture by (, piano basics (by the same website creator), and piano notes (also by the same web creator). Other web resources include: which is more interactive, and Synthesia, which is an online piano teaching downloadable software. Because there are just so many types of software and tutorials out there for beginner piano enthusiasts, it is all the more important to know what to look for when choosing an online piano program.

2. What To Look Out For When Choosing An Online Piano Program.

When choosing a new piano tutorial for beginners, here are some things that you can look out for: a) Does the lesson cater to your needs?b) Does the lesson interest you and engage you?c) Does the program help you keep your zest and interest for learning the instrument, even when it gets hard?d) Is the tutorial fun to watch and listen to?e) Is the tutorial interactive and engaging?f) Does the tutorial teach technical skills and knowledge in an easy to absorb non intimidating format?g) Does the tutorial teach important beginner concepts such as tempo, notes, and simple motivating song melodies?h)

Is there an online forum for questions and support?By thinking about this comprehensive list of things to look out for when choosing a piano program, you will be able to make the best decision for your starting point of learning this amazing instrument!3. Common Terms For Beginners - Some common terms and notes that every beginner should start off with, include, the right and left hand placements and how to hit the notes of a C major scale. They should know what a scale is and what the treble clef and bass clef signifies. Overall, by following these guidelines for starting your musical journey, you should be off to a really great start!

Does Falsetto Really Help You In Your Singing?

Falsetto notes are some of the most controversial in the world of singing. The first controversy comes when most experts cant agree whether the note produced by someone is falsetto or not. There are many other techniques in singing that sound like falsetto and so you can get confused. At the same time, most trainers and singing experts believe that women do not need falsetto. When you say something you could use in singing is only meant for men, it will definitely offend the women. Having looked at thousands of singers of the world, it is really true that falsetto is more suitable for men and mostly useless for women.

Before you learn falsetto, you have to know what it really means. Falsetto comes from the word false. It is a false voice used by the singer for a certain purpose. That purpose is to hit notes that a singer cannot otherwise hit with his normal voice. In order to hit those high notes that are out of his vocal range, the singer would use a false voice and hit those notes easily. When you are producing falsetto notes you are pushing air out of your throat at a very high rate and thats why it sounds very airy.

When you sing falsetto you overlap your real voice with a false voice that is almost always an octave higher than your real voice. It is quite hard to explain things related to voice and phonation in theory. The best way for you to know what falsetto really means is to try and mimic children or women. When you try to mimic the women and children you make a certain voice. You are producing a false voice and thats exactly the sound that singers produce in their singing to reach the higher set of notes.

Some singers are in the habit of starting every sentence of their song with a falsetto note. This is not a good practice. While falsetto sounds good when you start singing a sentence in the song at times, it can become really annoying when you do it repeatedly. Unnecessary use of falsetto arises when a singer starts using falsetto even when he can hit those notes with his normal voice. The most important thing to learn in singing is to know how to move from your normal voice to your falsetto voice.

Some singers would go from normal voice to falsetto with a slight jerk and thats not good. The shift from your real voice to falsetto should be fluid and unnoticeable. Thats something you can learn through popular voice lessons online. Almost every trainer training on singing talks about falsetto singing because it exists and has to be discussed. In fact, some male singers known around the world sing mostly in a falsetto voice. You can take Maroon 5 and Cold Play for example. If you want to see your falsetto skills and take them to next level, you should start doing some yodeling too.